• All players must arrive at the tournament site at the time specified by their coach (10 minutes early would be even better!)
  • The team will stay together at tournaments without the company of significant others.  If you are leaving the tournament site, you must notify the coach.
  • Scorekeeping:  Each team should have a schedule, so the responsibility is shared equally among all players.
  • At the conclusion of play every team member must stay, even if they are not working until the team's work responsibilities are completed.
  • Before the tournament site is left, the team's area will be cleared of any and all trash.  The area must be left as it was found, if not better.
  • A Volleyball Tournament is an athletic event and your food choices should reflect the need for your body to properly fueled.  The team must eat together.  It is a great time for team bonding.  Think healthy food and drinks.


  • All players are expected to be at all practices.  If you must miss a practice, you need to call, email or text the coach prior to the practice.  Please notify coaches early if you have to miss.
  • Players should arrive at the gym 10 minutes prior to the practice start time.  This will give the players time to put down their things, say hello to teammates and be ready to start.
  • Practice is team time, the focus should be team practice nothing else.
  • Players can store belonging in the boxes provided.
  • Players should have cell phone turned off during practice.
  • Players should wear proper outdoor attire when coming/leaving practice.
  • Water breaks need to be at the bench.  Please bring a water bottle or water container with a lid.