Parent Meeting

Sunday September 17th @ 6:00 pm at The Net Indoor

Meet our coaches and Director of Coaches, Craig Case from Texas A&M Commerce.


Ages: 10-13

      Saturday, September 23rd @ 9am & 12 or Sunday September 24th @ 2pm


Ages: 14s & 15s

      Saturday, September 30th @ 9am & 12 or Sunday October 1st @ 2pm


Ages: 16s,17s, 18s

      Saturday, October 7th @ 9am & 12 or Sunday October 8th @ 2pm

For the tryout process, NET FORCE will be offering tryout clinics for players that are looking to be evaluated for our NET FORCE 2017-2018 club teams.  During the tryout clinics you will be able to demonstrate your level of skill and play to coaches, you will be able to communicate with coaches to see where you stand within the NET FORCE club for the upcoming season.  

Teams will not be finalized until the dates provided by the North Texas Region which are listed as the TEAM SELECTION/SIGNING DAY.  NET FORCE coaches will do our best to inform players of where they stand and the probability of making a particular team. If you are interested in playing for NET FORCE, we encourage you to attend as many clinics as possible.  If you have questions about the club, your athlete, or teams and coaches please ask.




Please have the following MANDATORY documents completed when you arrive.

  1. USAV registration  NTR (Register and pay your $45 annual due.  Print the membership card and bring as proof of registration.)
  2. Medical Release form here
  3. Player information sheet
  4. Water
  5. Good attitude


The Net Indoor

1661 I-30 West

Greenville, Texas 75402

Southwest corner of 1570 and I-30


Selection Process

Offers can be given at any time concluding the first tryout.  This can be done in person or by phone call.  If you are getting pressured to make a decision by other clubs, please be honest with us where you stand.  If you stay in close contact with us, we will do out best to let you know where your daughter stands so you can make an informed decision.

We will not guarantee or hold your position until the initial deposit of $300.00 has been paid and you have signed the Region Offer and Acceptance Form.